New Customers


New customers need to first stop in our office to complete an application for service. To take your application, we need to you to bring current photo ID (such as your driver’s license) and your Social Security number. Be sure to have the correct property address for us.

If you will be renting the property, you must also bring in an authorization form which your landlord will provide to you.  This form is the owner’s authorization for us to establish the bill into your name for his property.

Additionally, if there are any collectible balances owed on the property, they must be paid in full before service can be provided to anyone new at the property.  Should this be the case where you are renting, we will address this issue with the property owner.

A security deposit will also be due when you sign, if you are renting or have bills owing with us. Residential deposits are $200.00 and commercial deposits are $300.00.  If you have any bills owing with us, your deposit amount may be higher and would be based on the amount of your unpaid balance.  If you have any bills owing with us, they must also be paid in full at this time.  Deposits must be made by cash, check, or money order only.  Your deposit is held until your account is closed.

If you plan a new construction, call our office first. We will schedule a no-cost appointment with you to meet our employees on-site. This will enable us to confirm the availability of water to your location, discuss your most cost-effective options, and also to explain to you what is included with the tap-on fee you pay and what will be your responsibility to plumb in.

Your QUARTERLY BILL, once your meter is installed, is based on usage. We have 3 different physical areas for billing, so the month in which you get your bill is determined by where you live.

We read your meter each quarter, so bills are very rarely estimated.

Bills include 3 charges: water and sewer (which are our charges) and a sewer surcharge. The surcharge is a Clearfield Borough or Lawrence Township charge, based on the location of your property. The surcharge charge and rates are established by the Borough and Township – we have no control over these charges nor their rates. By ordinance, we are required to bill and collect these fees for the Borough and Township. For questions pertaining to the surcharge, phone Clearfield Borough at (814) 765-7817 or Lawrence Township at (814) 765-4551.