Partial Payments



Partial payments ARE accepted.  From when we issue your bill, you have approximately 2-1/2 months to pay in full.  During that time you may make payments.

Remember that penalties are added onto the bills on the 16th of the month in which we issued the bill, so any payment you make before that date reduces the amount of your penalty.  However, when making payments, you are not required to make your first payment within the discount period.

As always, please bring your entire bill or mail the bill’s remittance stub, when you have one.  If you want to make payments but do not have a payment stub to include, be sure to note your account number on your check or money order.

Please note that making payments on your bill does NOT exclude you from being shut off.  As with all accounts, if your balance is not paid in full by shut-off day, service would be shut off for nonpayment.

If you need further information on partial payments, please call our office at (814) 765-9609.