The Clearfield Municipal Authority had its beginnings in January 1882. In 1882, the Clearfield Water Company, a private investor company, was formed to furnish water to the Borough of Clearfield.

In 1904 a second water company, the Lawrence Water Company, came into existence to deliver water to the areas of Lawrence Township that surround Clearfield Borough. After its creation, the assets of the Lawrence Water Company were transferred to the Clearfield Water Company.

The Clearfield Water Company continued to operate until 1945. At that time, Clearfield Borough created, by Ordinance, the Municipal Authority of Clearfield Borough. The Authority was incorporated under the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act in August of 1945. A seven member board was appointed by the Borough to operate the Authority.

The Municipal Authority of Clearfield Borough remained unchanged until September 1957.

In 1957, both Clearfield Borough and Lawrence Township were being ordered by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, State Water Board, to proceed with the construction of a sewage treatment plant. Construction of the sewage treatment plant and interceptor lines were completed in 1959 and the plant was put into operation that year. The name was changed to the Clearfield Municipal Authority. The 7 member board was realigned with 4 members from Clearfield Borough and 3 from Lawrence Township.

Today the 5,500 customers of the Clearfield Municipal Authority are served by both a Water and Sewer Division. The Water Division filters water from 2 reservoirs and 4 wells and maintains over 400,000 linear feet of water mains. The Sewer Division operates and maintains the sewage treatment plant and 5 lift stations, along with 170,000 liner feet of sewer interceptor lines.

Public Board Meetings
Board meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 4:00 PM prevailing time at the Authority office, which is located at 107 East Market Street.

Board Members – 2018

  • Russell G. Triponey, Chairman
  • Gregory M. Dixon, Vice Chairman
  • William E. Swisher, Secretary
  • John A. Naddeo, Treasurer
  • Andy A. Spencer, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
  • Wayne J. Smith

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